Laundry appliances from ASKO

    Smarter by design. The ASKO Laundry machines are packed with innovative features designed to make daily life easier. And because they’re made using quality steel parts, you can always look forward to years of reliable service. While every item looks outstanding alone, ASKO laundry appliances are also designed to complement each other. This allows you to effortlessly combine your washing machine with a tumble dryer, drying cabinet, and other ASKO laundry products. 

    A laundry solution that fits your way of living.

    When considering a complete laundry system, one question you will undoubtedly ask is how much space will I need? Well, with ASKO home laundry systems, the answer is less than one square metre – 0.72m² to be exact. This means everyone has space for an ASKO laundry system, whether you live in a modern city apartment or a more traditional house in the country. 

    And now you know how much space you need, all you have to do is decide which ASKO appliances to fill it with. The design and standard sizes of our laundry care range allow you to combine washing machines, dryers, drying cabinets and additional accessories – all designed to suit your needs and the way you live. 



    Local assortment 

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