Kitchen appliances by ASKO

For many of us, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. Not only is it where we make the food that nourishes us, it's also a place where creativity and enjoyment can be let loose – with the right ingredients, and the right equipment.
As a result, we have created our kitchen appliances to function beautifully, but also to give you the chance to explore your own passion for food and drink. They've been inspired by the durability and versatility of professional kitchens, designed to harmonize with your home, and built to last for years. But above all else, they've been made to let you create, serve and store healthy, delicious food.

ASKO Ovens

ASKO ovens are instrument of precision. We use carefully selected and sustainable materials to make them both elegant looking and long lasting. They are designed for perfect integration into your kitchen and developed to help you create imaginative meals for all occasions.

Wine Climate Cabinet

The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet is the closest thing you can get to a fully equipped wine cellar, but one that can be put anywhere. Almost all of the features that have been built in to provide your collection with the care it deserves have been inspired by from wine cellars – which, after all, have been used for centuries as the epitome of wine care. This climate cabinet contains different temperature zones for different types of wine, each of which can be meticulously controlled. It provides perfect light conditions, it monitors humidity, and it’s virtually free from vibrations. But unlike a wine cellar, it documents, catalogues and gives you information about your wine. So in that respect, it gives you the best of both worlds. And it’ll also look good in your living room - or wherever you decide to place it.


With our range of ASKO dishwashers we give you value for money in every detail. With sturdy flexible racks and among the lowest water and energy consumption on the market, they will meet all your demands when choosing a new dishwasher. Our XXL and XL models, have the world’s largest loading heights, and a unique flexible four rack system with place for up to the dinner settings you need for 17 persons - which is equal to nearly 200 items!

Local assortment 

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